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SPT Lockable Tie Down Straps

SPT Lockable Straps

These tie down straps have been designed to secure your kayak to your roof rack system or trailer. The 4m straps are easy to use, with a thick 33mm webbing, reinforced with a hardened stainless steel cable running down each side, which makes them very difficult to cut through.

The SPT Lockable Tie Down straps have been designed with a soft protective casing to protect your kayak, and a lockable weather resistant die cast buckle which has stainless steel internals.

They’re also ideal for securing skis, surfboards, windsurfers, trail bikes, bicycles and luggage.

SPT Lockable Tie Downs are available in strap lengths of 1.5m, 2.5m, and the kayak-sized 4.0m which has an RRP of around $90 for a pair. They’re available from many outdoor sports stores, as well as online at the SPT website.

For peace of mind, they’re definitely worth the price, and I use them on my trailer.

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