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Loner Boys Adventure

Loner Boys

The “Loner Boys” – Kobi, Cameron and Steven – head out for a sail in windy conditions. Kobi’s friends had stayed overnight, and jumped at the chance for a ride on the kayak, although neither had done any sailing. Cameron and Steven, out on the tramps, didn’t know what was coming their way!

Although we could have had full sail on at times, I didn’t want to get the lads too nervous, so I kept the sail slightly reefed. And as it was the boys’ video, Kobi picked the music.

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Mad Poms and Slo-Mo

Speed, speed, speed.

As work and other commitments didn’t allow me to get out sailing last weekend, I don’t have anything to show… but via the Hobie Forums, there are a couple of terrific videos that I just have to share here.

First, there are the mad Poms who gave us the previous awesome episode TI versus AI Duel. These lads have a ball sailing their Islands to the max, and in this episode, they snap off a rudder. Film director Tim again does a great job of the editing!

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Red vs Yella

Red vs Yella

For Fathers’ Day, we met up with our friends at Taree, who recently also bought a TI… “red, coz they’re faster”. We opted to head for the Manning River near it’s mouth, for a picnic lunch and of course some sailing.

Sailing together with our friends, a duel was inevitable – which was faster, the Red Rocket or the Yella Terra? Captain Stephan on the Red Rocket was variously loaded up with both adults and kids on the day, but the competitive spirit kicked in and we enjoyed a bit of ‘match racing’ – with pedal assist when it helped.

The day started with nice 10 knot winds which gradually increased to around 25 knots in the later afternoon, which produced  some exciting sailing!

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TI Tramps

After waiting many weeks, I received the TI tramps, and put them on this arvo. First, let me say that the tramps look very well made, apart from the plastic buckles which some members have already had issues with.

However, I’m not overly impressed by the fit – and it’s not the fault of the tramps, but . . . → Read More: TI Tramps

Cruisey Sailing

Cruisey Sailing

Although Kalya competed in the 26km 3 Rivers Race, this is the first time she has been sailing on the Tandem Island. Light winds of 5-10 knots were ideal as an introduction, and we enjoyed a warm, sunny Winter’s day.

Kalya was a bit surprised that the TI is still ‘tippy’ when sailing, but quickly settled down to it. She is looking forward to the aka trampolines, which should arrive in the next day or so… I’ll no doubt be relegated to the aft seat!

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TI versus AI Duel

TI versus AI

A couple of lads in the UK posted this YouTube video, which has some excellent footage of the TI (and AI) sailing in a healthy breeze. As Tim puts it:

“Hobie Tandem Island being put through its paces in 20-25 knot winds and a moderate sea swell. Most of the filming has been done from an Adventure Island, so it is possible to see how the performance of the two boats compare with each other, side by side.”

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First Time Offshore

Offshore in the TI

This could have been called “First, First, First”…

First time ‘driving in the back seat’, first time offshore, and first time I tried out my new fishing gear. Being on my own, I didn’t venture far offshore, just a mile or two, but it was fun with a 1 metre swell.

Caution being the order of the day, I planned the trip around the tides, heading out over the notorious Hastings River bar at low tide, and returning on the high tide.

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Reefed In 20 Knot Gusts

20 Knot GustsHeading out under full sail, the TI was hit by several gusts which buried the leeward ama completely, and overwhelmed the rudder. Reefing the sail gave control back, and I was pleased to find that the new spray skirts did prevent facefuls of the salty stuff! At 3:50 to 4:05 you can see how much solid water is pouring over the bow.

The Port Macquarie Yacht Club had a good race up the Hastings River to the highway bridge and back, and were pretty chuffed with the great winds. The yachts I had a sprint with all seemed quite interested in the Tandem Island, and gave it the thumbs up.

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3 Rivers – We Made It!

With a beautiful sunny day and no wind for the start, my daughter Kalya and I set off in our Hobie Tandem Island in high spirits. That lasted for the first 100 metres, when suddenly my legs seemed to say “26ks of this – are you nuts?”

However, I slowed down my stroke rate and settled into a more comfortable cadence, even as we watched others vanishing around the first bend in the Wilson River. Kalya and I reassured each other that, after all, we were just cruising, and all that mattered was finishing.

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Tandem Island – Want To Race?

Great Sailing!

At last! A day with good winds, at around 10-15 knots. I took my son Kobi out today, to give him a feel of ‘excitement’ sailing. As we headed out past the Port Macquarie wharf, we caught up to a yacht, of about 32 feet, and thought “let’s race”.

As we tacked up river, we tightened the mainsheet, and a bit of a gust had us quickly accelerate to somewhere around 8-10 knots, with spray flying everywhere. Kobi’s eyes bugged out at that, and we both let out several whoops in our excitement.

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